Throat Chakra & Thyroid

The thyroid is located in the Fifth Chakra area and is sacred because it had the job of holding and metabolizing many things including information from the other chakras as well as environmental toxins . Toxins can wreck havoc on the thyroid. The environmental toxin PBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl ethers), is commonly used as a flame retardant and can be found in everything from carpets to electronics to perhaps the sofa you are sitting on. Although thyroid cancer isn’t common in the United States, rates seem to be increasing.  However, doctors have new technology that allow them to find small thyroid cancers much more easily than in the past.

Brooke Burke from Dancing With The Stars recently underwent surgery for thyroid cancer. What are they symptoms?  There really aren’t any but if you have any of the following, it is time to see a health care professional. Make sure you get your doctor to check you thyroid on your next visit!

  • A lump that can be felt through the skin on your neck
  • Changes to your voice, including increasing hoarseness
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Pain in your neck and throat
  • Swollen lymph nodes in your neck

The primary function of the throat chakra is to expression. Do you speak up? Do you speak too much without much to really say? Are you speaking your truth? It helps us express information to the world in our own authentic way.  As the center of communication is works to connect the energy of the two higher chakras with the lower ones moving energy up and down the body. As the energy passageway it also synthesizes information building and maintaining the energy body.

Working with the Chakras helps to balance the body’s energies because it stimulates fresh energy into the body and moves out stagnant energies. The Chakras service the organs, muscles, ligaments, veins, and other body parts that sit in their fields.  The basic function of each is to work as a clearing house for physiological, psychological, and spiritual information coming in or out of the body’s field. Chakra work often unblocks energetic and emotional energies. Working them may cause emotions, imagery, memories, or sensations to rise up.  Energy Medicine helps with clearing and balancing Chakra energy in a soft and gently way.

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